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I'm Frustrated With My Divorce Lawyer. Should I Fire Her?

You deserve to feel like you're being heard.

Divorce attorneys are like fingerprints: no two are the same. Some may coddle you while others may avoid your phone calls. While it's important that you feel comfortable with whomever you hire, sometimes you two just don't mesh. In that case, should you fire your divorce lawyer and find another or voice your concerns to your existing counsel?   

Divorce coach duo Kimberly Mishkin and Liza Caldwell of SAS — Support And Solutions For Women discuss the process of working with a lawyer and what you should do if you're not satisfied with his/her service. 

You'll be surprised to learn that switching attorneys may not always be in your best interest. Watch the video to learn when you should move on and when you should attempt to implement better communication strategies. Remember — your attorney is getting paid to have your best interests at heart so be strategic about your decisions. 

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