30 Liberating Ways To Express Yourself To Your Partner

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What's cooler than being able to express yourself freely to the one you love? Expression helps your partner understand what makes you tick, helps you communicate better with each other or gives you the freedom to just be you. Whether you both have been together for a few months, a few years or a few decades, there are so many ways amazing to express yourself to each other. Here are 30 to get you started!

1. Write poems to each other. Then read them aloud in your best thespian voice, you two romantics.

2. Mix customized cocktails for each other. Is he sweet with a little kick? Is she sublte and refreshing? Say it with spirits. 

3. Cook each other's favorite meal. Food is love, and a special meal is a chance to artfully combine each other's favorite flavors.

4. Write love letters if you want to express yourself through written words, but you aren't much of a poet.

5. Buy a gift just because. Birthdays and Valentine's Day are obvious occasions, but a gift that's apropos of nothing makes a major statement: "I was thinking about how wonderful you are, and I couldn't help but give you something to make you smile.'

6. Exchange your favorite books. Book gifts are personal; It's like saying, "I care enough about you that I want to share with you something that's meaningful to me." 

7. Make playlists for each other. Is this corny? Possibly, but music is a undeniably personal form of expression. 

8. Invite your significant other to your events. Sure, your bowling team may not be masterful, but you love it, so who cares? Sharing something you enjoy is a way of really letting your partner in. 

9. Dance like no one is watching—except each other. Let go of your insecurities and be a big goof! Dancing your heart out (in the safety of your living room) is expression at its finest.

10. Tell each other your fantasies, then let your freak flags fly. Everyone is into something, and a great sex life includes communication. Learn to express yourselves in ways you never have before in the bedroom.

11. Show each other your favorite childhood movies. Just because you didn't met each other as kids doesn't mean you can never be like kids together. Give your partner a glimpse into the life of baby you by sharing your favorite childhood movie.

12. Say you're sorry. Expressing humility is highly underrated in a relationship. 

13. Introduce each other to your families and hometown. Lets face it: These things have made you into the person you are today, so share your story.

14. Expose each other to your family traditions. Evey family does things a little different, especially for the holidays. Differences make things interesting.

15. Take an art class together. What a fun date idea—and a way to tap into your own type of artistic expression.

16. Sing your favorite love songs together. In the shower together, on the street, or at home. This is less weird than it sounds.

17. Enjoy each other's favorite place to escape. Find out why your significant other is always going to that specific coffee shop after class, or likes to go to that one specific bar. It may reveal more about him or her than you think.

18. Hang out with each other's friends at least once. The people you hold close say a lot about you as a person. 

19. Buy sexy undergarments for each other. Naughty expression is expression too (wink, wink).

20. Watch your favorite comedy specials together to clue your partner into your sense of humor. 

21. Tell each other a joke. Everyone remembers at least one joke. The one you do remember (a knock-knock? A dirty joke? Something super cynical?) says something about who you are.

22. Tell your partner when he or she is making you happy and why. Expressing these feelings will never get old to your loved one.

23. Confront a certain fear together, because expessing bravery and vulnerability is a great thing.

24. Watch each other’s favorite romantic comedies together in order to figure out each other's definition of romance.

25. Tell each other what your personal goals are, because expressing your dreams and hopes are what it's all about.

26. Stop trying to impress and wear what you want in front of each other. Being able to be yourself around each other is important.

27. Go through each other's collections together. Whatever it is you collect—records, books, sea shells from beaches you've visited—says something about what you hold dear. 

28. Be vulnerable together because if you can't, who else can you be vulnerable with?

29. Go to a concert together to express your musical tastes with each other.

30. Make personalized holiday cards for each other instead of going for the standard Hallmark card.

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