Love, Heartbreak

13 Signs You're Obsessed With Your Ex


Okay boys and girls, we know breaking up with the one you love is hard, but it's time to move on. You don't think you're having trouble doing so? First check out this list of signs you may be obsessed with the ex, and then talk to us.



You stalk them on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+, etc (because Facebook alone is for amateurs)

You can count down to the second how long you've been apart

You have Adele’s running on a constant loop, because only she understands your pain.

You call them at least once a week (you are broken up! One call is one too many)

You've created a shrine out of the t-shirt, body wash and contact lens case they mistakenly left behind…and you have imaginary conversations with it

You finally meet someone new and spend all your time imagining the three of you running into each other, just to see your ex's reaction

Every time someone so much as mentions their name (might not even be talking about your ex), you become as alert as an Army Ranger

You are convinced you can't be happy without them, despite having a rich, full life

You are constantly fighting the urge to text them

You left your Facebook status listed as "It's complicated" (It's not complicated, you broke up. Time to change that status).

You obsess over their FourSquare check-ins and go to all the same spots to "accidentally" run into them

You talk about them so much that your mother, friends and even your shrink are tired of hearing about it

You are dressed to the nines every time you leave the house, even if you're just grocery shopping, in case you run into them