Enter The Red Room: 12 Of Christian Grey's Sexiest Love Quotes

Christian Grey
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His dirty talk makes us blush fifty shades of red.

Love him or hate him, Christian Grey is without a doubt one of the sexiest literary figures of all time. He's a successful self-made billionaire, has smooth finesse, and takes his dates up for helicopter rides. Not to mention, he has some pretty steamy one-liners. (Frankly, we don't think Ana ever had a chance of resisting him.)

Here are a dozen of his sexy love quotes from the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy. (And don't forget to pin these ecards here or repin them from our Pinterest board.)

"Come, I want to show you my playroom" — Christian Grey
"Follow your heart, darling, and please, please — try not to overthink things" — Christian Grey
"I want to chase the dawn with you" — Christian Grey
"I don't want to hurt you, but I'm more than happy to play" — Christian Grey
"I'd rather planned on having you for dessert" — Christian Grey
"I've never wanted more, until I met you" — Christian Grey
"Forget about the rules Forget about those details for tonight. I want you. I've wanted you since you fell into my office, and I know you want me." — Christian Grey
"There's something about you, though, and I'm finding it impossible to stay away" — Christian Grey
"Anastasia, I've told you There's something about you. I can't leave you alone. I'm like a moth to a flame." — Christian Grey
"This is the effect you have on me, Miss Steele" — Christian Grey
"I'd give anything to know what you're thinking right at this moment" — Christian Grey
"Laters, baby" — Christian Grey

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