A Guide To Understanding Your Steve McQueens

Steve McQueen

Have you been getting your Steve McQueens all mixed up as of late? Yeah, us too. So, as a pop-culture public service, we came up with the definitive guide to distinguishing between these similarly named celebs. Behold, the lives and loves of three great McQueens.

1. The Original: Terence Steven "Steve" McQueen.

Born in 1930, McQueen became one of the most popular actors of his generation, staring in massive hits through the 50s, 60s and 70s such as The Sand Pebbles, The Thomas Crown Affair and The Magnificent Seven.

McQueen was married three times between 1956 and 1980, having two children from his first marriage to actress Neile Adams. The pair would divorce in 1972, with McQueen going on to marry co-star Ali MacGraw in 1973. Between his first and second wives, McQueen was in a relationship with another co-star, Barbara Leigh, though the two never married. After his marriage to MacGraw ended in divorce in 1978, he would marry Barbara Minty in 1980, the year of his death.


2. The Newbie: Steve R. McQueen, grandson of Steve McQueen The First. 

The son of McQueen Senior's son Chad, Steven R. McQueen, born in 1988, is following in his famous family's footsteps by pursuing acting. His credits include stints on Everwood, Numb3rs and Without a Trace, and he is currently starring as Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries.

On the romance front, McQueen spent more than a year on and off with actress Chelsea Kane. Around 2010, he spent time with co-star Candice Accola, before finding his way to Hillary Harley, a production assistant on Vampire Diaries. 


3. The Director: Steven McQueen.

Born Steven Rodney "Steve" McQueen in 1969, this McQueen is not only not related to the two previous McQueens, he's not American either. The British director is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed 12 Years a Slave, as well as 2008's Hunger and 2011's Shame.

Steven McQueen's love life is much easier to keep track of than his similarly-named counterparts. He has been in a long term relationship with cultural critic Bianca Stigter, with whom he has a daughter, Alex, and son, Dexter.


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