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13 Ways Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart Are The Greatest Bros Ever

ian and patrick

Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart were definitely the "it" couple of 2013, and we don't see their adorable love for each other ending anytime soon (we pray never). They run around in bowlers taking selfies and lighting up Broadway. Their bromance is beautiful and eternal. Now sit back and absorb all the reasons that these two lovable British rogues win at love and life.


They aren't afraid to proclaim their love in public ways

They chow down at Nathan's (because wherever they are, love make even hot dogs special)

They can probably drink all of us under the table

Their cuteness does not end at the stage door

Ian officiated Patrick's wedding to Sunny Ozell

Like, for reals (I know, I'm melting too)

And they walk around like this

They cook for each other (Patrick tweeted this pic, saying "Sir Ian McKellen prepared for us a fortifying risotto in preparation for Comic Con”).

They will forever and always be these guys, and that is just awesome (talk about a bromance gone wrong!)

They like to go on adventures

They spend the holidays together

And bring joy (and probably a little confusion) to Santa

And the bowler hats 'nuff said.