27 Reasons JLaw Is Better Off Without Chris Martin

Jennifer Lawrence funny face

Time to say sayonara to Martin Lawrence. After a short four months of dating, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have split.

According to E! News, the couple, who stayed quiet about their relationship, were only photographed together once during their romance.

And while we can say we totally saw this one coming, given that Chris has been consciously uncoupling from Gwyneth Paltrow only since March (anyone know how long that takes?), we can't help but be ecstatic for our #1 girl crush and her new single life.

You see, Jennifer Lawrence can do no wrong at this point in her career, at least in our opinion. From her ability to keep a straight face when saying ridiculous things (Only she could make casual jokes about her "box" on The Tonight Show and have us choking with laughter) to her down to earth personality, we can't get enough of her. We're counting down the days until we see her kill it on the big screen in her new film X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

Every time we watch her in an interview, the more we just want to become her very best friend. Why is she a million times better without Chris Martin?

Here are 27 reasons we can't get enough of the Oscar-winning actress:

First off, she loves food just as much as we do:

Panda Whale

Seriously though, JLaw loves her food:


We're pretty sure she may be drunk during most interviews. Cheers to that:


She's basically the coolest person in the whole world:


But the fact that she doesn't think she's cool makes her even cooler:

Thought Catalog

She loves Mean Girls:


She would rather sit at home and watch reality TV than go out:


One time she got in a car accident because of reality TV:

Huffington Post

Because she's extremely clumsy:


And speaks sarcasm as a second language:


She gets really starstruck when meeting celebs:


One time she hugged a little girl on the red carpet:

Themeta Picture

Making her an adorable human being:


But when JLaw doesn't like something … you will know it:


Jen is not afraid to speak openly about her bowel movements:

Huffington Post

And asks the important life questions we've all been wondering:

Huffington Post

She lets her freak flag fly:


Unlike other celebs, she is honest about the fact that exercising sucks:

Fan Girl Daily

She has realistic views on body image, which makes her the perfect role model:

Huffington Post

Her relationship with Josh Hutcherson is absolutely amazing:

 Huffington Post

And you can't forget that she knows how to photobomb important people:

Huffington Post

Her secret talent is better than we could've imagined:


Like us, she doesn't look sexy when she winks:


She plays Katniss Everdeen, who is by far our favorite book heroine:


She laughs at herself when she falls down:

Panda Whale

Overall, she is just a huge dork:

She Knows

And when someone insults our BFF, we tend to get defensive: