Who Is Bethenny Frankel's New Boyfriend, Michael A. Cerussi III?

Bethenny Frankel's got a new (and younger!) boo. Meet Michael A. Cerussi III!

Bethenny Frankel And New Boyfriend Michael A. Cerussi III

This Skinny Girl isn't a single girl anymore! Bethenny Frankel and Michael A. Cerussi III are on.

The talk show host and Real Housewives of New York alum is moving past her split with ex-husband Jason Hoppy in a big way, literally and figuratively (the guy's huge!). 

Here's all you need to know about Cerussi, Frankel's new take-charge man!

Most people call him "Mac."
We're surprised there's no "k" at the end of that, because, well, look at him. He's built like a truck (or maybe a tank). But there's more to him than just his beefy bod, because we know a gal like Frankel would see past just a pretty exterior. She previously revealed what she's looking for in a new beau post-divorce. "Acceptance. Confidence. Sense of humor. Ability to take charge," she said. "I'm always so in charge, I'd like someone else to take charge. And it's not that easy. I'm not that easy a person to take charge of. I don't want anyone to take charge of my business. I want someone to take charge of my personal life."


He's younger than Frankel.
Cerussi is 34 to Frankel's 43. Not that she looks it or cares!

Mac's a moneymaker!
The beefcake is a New York City financier, and he comes from money, too. His father, Michael Cerussi Jr., was a corporate trial lawyer until his death in 2011, and his mother, Kathryn, was a magazine executive. They've got a family home in northern Palm Beach. Must be nice for Frankel to know her new man wants her and not her wallet.

Frankel may have met the family already!
Cerussi's sisters live in Florida—Rosemary in Palm Beach and Nancy in Delray Beach. His mother also has a home in the Sunshine State on Juno Island.


They may not be exclusive, but they're purposely public.
Sources say that Frankel and Cerussi are dating, but nothing is locked down just yet. Still, pals say the outspoken star is pretty smitten with Cerussi. "Bethenny looked very happy to be kissing Mac in public," a witness said. "When I saw them at the Mondrian, she was kissing him in front of her friends and posing for photos together." Another source said, "Bethenny was with Mac and looked very happy on New Year's Eve. They kissed at midnight and other times during the evening. They looked like they were having a great night."

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