9 Reasons Yoda The Munchkin Cat Is The Purr-fect Boyfriend


Apparently, if you mix an American Curl and Napoleon Munchkin you get the perfect little bundle of love: Yoda, the munchkin cat! This little guy (whom one of our editors dubbed a feline Corgi) is full of love and really is the perfect boyfriend, for so many reasons. Here are just a few. (All videos from the Vine account of Yoda's lucky owner, Caitlin Williams).

He knows how to make you smile (seriously, look at this and try not to smile!).

He's not afraid to get a little weird.

He makes more adorable sounds than your current boyfriend.

He has dreams to play with the big boys.

He's got plenty of energy, so he'll keep you on your toes.

He totally appreciates irony (but still, there can be only one).

Rest easy, because he'll patrol the house for you at night. 

Come Halloween, he'll help you pick our just the right pumpkin.

And finally, those eyes. Enough reasons! Yoda is the perfect boyfriend!

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