Movie Love: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Holiday Faves

Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold

Hopefully you're done with your holiday shopping and you can relax, bake some holiday cookies, and most importantly, watch your holiday favorite movies.

Whether you are into some of the laugh-out-loud flicks like Elf or you're a romantic and swoon over the multiple story lines in Love Actually, you can now find out some of the movie's hidden secrets, thanks to our friends over at The Chive.

Which actor returned his check for a day while filming Love Actually and why? Which Disney Santa is an ex-convict? How exactly did the parents in Home Alone not notice that they did use one of their airplane tickets?

Find out all of the answers to these questions here: 10 facts about 10 popular Christmas films that you didn't know (10 Photos)

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