HGTV Hotties! Meet The Guys Making Home Improvement Sizzle

HGTV Chris Lambton

Someone call the handyman stat!

Desperate housewives of the world may have the hots for the pool boy, but you don't have to watch HGTV very long to know the real eye candy is the handyman and the landscaper! 

So don't judge us if we're watching a Property Brothers marathon when we're not in the market for a new home—these 10 home improvement gurus are just too charming to look away.

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Carter Oosterhouse
It's really no surprise that Carter Oosterhouse, the host of Carter Can, Red Hot & Green and Million Dollar Rooms, began his career as a model—have you seen that jawline and hair? Fortunately, with three shows, he has plenty of airtime for us to admire his assets, and if you're really lucky, you might just see him on a Rooms-to-Go commericial, too But you better only admire from afar—Carter's married to actress Amy Smart.
David Bromstad
We were all excited when David won the first season of HGTV Design Star because that meant more of that killer smile on our TV screen! Now the host of both Color Splash and Color Splash Miami, David inspires us to repaint our homes on the regular
Mike Holmes
There is nothing more attractive than a guy helping someone out of a sticky situation So it's no wonder that week after week on show after show, we just love watching Mike Holmes save homeowners from remodeling disasters gone wrong on Holmes on Homes.
Vern Yip
Whether you love interior design, or you find it more of a chore, it's nearly impossible not to get sucked into Deserving Design when the endearing and super preppy Vern Yip is discussing the topic Knowing he's the daddy of two little ones only makes us love him all the more.
Chris Lambton
There's no telling how many Bachelorette viewers had their hearts broken when Ali Fedotowsky's runner-up married fellow Bachelor cast-off Peyton Wright Fortunately, the Cape Cod hottie is still available for oogling each week on his show Going Yard.
John Gidding
Tall, dark and handsome? Count us in! Tall, dark, handsome and handy? Jackpot Tall, dark, handsome, handy and smart? We must be dreaming! Whether he's making over a space with a budget or putting his architectural degrees from Yale and Harvard to good use, Curb Appeal's John Gidding is a total yes.
Drew Scott
You may know Drew Scott (and his equally attractive twin Jonathan) from Property Brothers and the competition show Brother Vs Brother, but Drew—who tells us he's currently in a relationship—is also a seasoned realtor, runs a successful real estate company with his brother, and also directs and produces films.
Jonathan Scott
The other half of the handsome Scott brother duo, Jonathan is a licensed contractor and—get this!—a Las Vegas illusionist! Color us intrigued!
Chip Wade
As the host of Elbow Room and the master carpenter on Curb Appeal: The Block, Chip Wade knows his way around a construction site and is certainly handy with a set of tools And let's be honest: He does for for bald heads what Carter Oosterhouse does for a full head of hair. Translation? We like.
Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri
We can't get enough of the good genes that are cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri Whether you're watching them do full home demos on Cousins on Call or focusing their energies exclusively on the kitchen in Kitchen Cousins, these guys sure give Jersey a good name.