Whammy! David Koechner Talks 'Anchorman 2' & Raising 5 Kids

'Anchorman 2' Actor David Koechner

"Four of my children were all conceived on the same day, and then born over the next 10 years."

Whether you know him as Todd Packer from The Office or Champ Kind from Anchorman, chances are actor David Koechner has made you laugh with his over-the-top antics and loud one-liners.

But in real life, Koechner is a far cry from the characters he portrays. He and his wife of 15 years have five children (plus one helluva story about making them!), and he's remarkable soft spoken when delivering quips. 

With Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hitting theaters this week, we caught up with the funnyman to get a behind-the-scenes peek:

YourTango: When you were filming the first Anchorman film, was there any thought of doing a sequel? 

David Koechner: No, you don't think of the second one while doing the first. You only hope for the best and hope that this is a good one.

YourTango: When the idea did come up, was there any hesitation, or were you automatically onboard?

David Koechner: Oh, everyone was onboard! Everyone was onboard after the first one! Why wouldn't we do this again? I think at the end of the first one, there was that thought of, 'Wow, this is great. Wouldn't it be great to do it again if this one works', because everyone had such an amazing experience. The sequel got close to getting made once, and then it went away, so everyone was grateful when it actually happened this time.

YourTango: Did it feel different getting back together with the guys after so much time had past?

David Koechner: No, everyone is the same person. People's careers are in different places, people have bigger houses, more kids, so in regard to all that, it's changed; but otherwise, everyone's the same person, and they're all amazing gentlemen, really.

YourTango: Had you worked with any of them prior to the first film?

David Koechner: Will I had known since '95 when he and I were on the cast of Saturday Night Live together, and Steve Carell I've known for even longer. He was a Second City member [at the same time I was], and I was in a comedy company with his wife. I was at their wedding.

YourTango: Speaking of weddings, you've been married for 15 years, and in Hollywood no less! What's your secret?

David Koechner: We both are committed to the relationship, and basically that's it. You're in, so you make it work. We've gone to a bunch of different marriage workshops—my wife is great about scheduling those types of things, and we always try to grow as a couple. And as we've grown as a family, it's just fun to see a reflection of yourself run around the house all the time. And we both feel like we have a duty and responsibility to those lives we've created, and what's the best way for that life to thrive? Make sure you've got a strong, cohesive family unit. KEEP READING YOURTANGO'S INTERVIEW WITH DAVID KOECHNER


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