11 Reasons Loving A Domesticated Fox Is A Fantastic Idea


Did you know you can keep one as a pet? You do now!

Okay, so here's the deal. Over 50 years ago, the Russians got curious and started trying to breed a gentler, domesticated version of the silver fox that is more like a dog. And they succeeded! You can now keep one of these cuties as a pet to love and cuddle. And it's a great idea. Just look at our reasons why!


They are this freaking cute
They give excellent snuggles
And will gaze at you with admiration even when you're gone
You can totally match your hair color
And they love playing in the snow!
You can still play fetch
And go for walks
They are super affectionate
They do this when you try to photograph them:
And they make this face End of discussion. Get a fox.