Who Is Aubrianna Atwell? 5 Facts About Paul Walker's Ex

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Who Is Aubrianna Atwell? 5 Facts About Paul Walker's Ex

The world remains devastated by the untimely death of Paul Walker—a dedicated father, humble celebrity, and humanitarian and philanthropist who aided people around the world through the charity he founded, Reach Out Worldwide.

While fans mourn, his ex-girlfriend-turned-best-friend Aubrianna Atwell (along with current girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell and Rebecca McBrain, the mother of his child) was hit particularly hard by the unfortunate news. The two met and dated 12 years ago and long since split, but remained close friends. They even talked on the phone weekly. Here's who Atwell is—and why she's so crushed by the loss of the Fast And The Furious star.

1. She has beauty and brains.
Atwell is a former model turned real estate broker.

2. She lost her father mere days before Walker died.
"These were the two loves of my life and the most important men in my life," Atwell said upon Walker's death. Walker had promised to be with Atwell at her father's memorial service on Dec. 8.

3. Her father adored Walker almost as much as she did.
Shortly before her father's death, he emailed Walker to thank him for remaining close to Atwell. She revealed, "My dad told him how much he loved him and how much he appreciated him protecting me. It was an overdue expression of gratitude."

4. She and Walker dated when she was underage.
Atwell met Walker 12 years ago. She's 28 now, making her 16 when they got together. Noticing a pattern?

5. They split long ago but still hung out all the time.
Walker took Atwell to a San Francisco Giants game for her birthday this past April—and that's only the tip of the buddy iceberg. "He was the most generous, unconditionally loving person I've known," Atwell gushed of the late actor. "He gave everything. I will live my life to the fullest extent for my father and Paul."

Our thoughts remain with Paul's family and friends during this time. Please click here to donate to Reach Out Worldwide.

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