Is This Favorite Pastime Ruining Your Relationship?

There's trouble at home for our favorite 1950s couple, Timmy and Alice. The culprit? TV. Alice and Timmy seem to have the perfect life BUT their TV habits and tastes are not in alignment. And it's tearing their relationship apart. Will these two lovebirds be able to manage their DVR space, taste in programs and SPOILER alerts? Can TiVo keep Alice and Timmy from getting a one-way ticket to Splitsville?

Watch as Timmy and Alice sort out their TV and DVR woes with the TiVo Roamio Pro, a magical relationship-saving device from the future.

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Narrator:  Alice Johnson and Timmy Gordon star in “How to Watch TV Like a Winner”.  Meet Alice and Timmy.  Like most of us, they like to unwind with a nice glass of lemon beverage and some television time after a long day at the cracker factory.  Uh oh, it looks like there’s already trouble for these two in TV land.  These two could use a lesson in watching the tube like real winners because they just flunked television rule number one: agree which program to skip when your device for videophonic recording has a conflict.  Geez Louise.  Imagine if their apparatus had six tuners that could record up to six programs simultaneously. 

Oh boy.  Timmy just failed television rule number two: share the remote.  And that remote, and that remote, and that remote.  Having so many remotes to control so many contraptions must be confusing, Timmy.  Timmy’s going for a snack.  Maybe Alice is just keeping his seat warm.  Or is she? Cool your jets, Alice.  Timmy may want to watch some of those programs, however horrible they may seem to reasonable people.  Yikes.  Alice just flubbed television rule number three: always ask before deleting your main squeeze’s favorite programming.  And Timmy, a gentlemen always calls fives when getting up for a delicious snack.  If only Alice had 450 hours of hi-def storage, she wouldn’t need to dump Timmy’s shows. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could undelete a mistakenly erased program?  It looks like Alice and Timmy can’t both enjoy this program.  Or can they?  That’s funny.  Alice seems to be guessing everything that Walter’s going to do next.  Hold the phone.  I think Alice has some ‘splaining to do.  She must’ve watched the finale while Timmy was away on business.  She unwittingly mangled television rule four and five:  never cheat on your one and only by watching your favorite shows, and no spoilers.  Timmy had been avoiding the HuffPost’s twitter feed just so he wouldn’t be tipped off.  If Alice couldn’t be patient, Timmy should have just streamed the finale to his iPad while on a break from the convention instead of waiting for candy to come out of the jukebox. 

The postman typically doesn’t arrive this late.  It must be a very special delivery.  A gift!  That’s mighty thoughtful of someone.  I wonder what it could be.  Hold the phone.  This may the answer to Alice and Timmy’s television problems.  If you can’t stick to these rules you could just get a Tivo Roamio Pro with six tuners, 450 hours of hi-def memory, the ability to download shows to your IOS device, or stream live and recorded programming anywhere in the world, and access to all your favorite cable, broadcast, and streaming web services, with one remote through just your Tivo box, this digital relationship saver is much better.  Oh, look how modern you two are!  Timmy, you still have to share that remote.  That a boy.  Do you have the same problem as Alice and Timmy?  Tivo Roamio Pro is your answer too.