What Women Really Think ... Of Your Height

Dating: What Women Really Think ... Of Your Height

When it comes to height, it's men who struggle the most. While most women don’t hope to be the height of a pygmy, it's far easier for a woman to be on the shorter side than it is for men. For some reason, society has decided that short men are somehow inferior, and even less manly than taller guys. Both professionally and personally, a man's height always comes into play.

When was the last time you heard a woman say she wants to date a guy shorter than her? Exactly. But contrary to what you may have always thought, not every woman is dying to date a giant.

It's Actually Less About You, And More About Our Shoes
"I have dated shorter. I'm 5'9". But the guys usually freaks out in the long run, especially if you like wearing heels," says Gaia, 36.

"I'm 5'8". Heart over height! But shorter dudes I dated never seemed comfortable. One counted the times I wore flats/heels!" exclaimed Valerie, 30.

"I hate to admit that I felt awkward dating men shorter than me, but I did. With one guy, I didn't wear my favorite shoes for a month because they had a bit of a platform. Strangely, I didn't have the same issue when dating women. I am such a hypocrite," says Tanya, 34.


Just Be Taller Than Us! (Or The Other Important Man In Our Lives.)
"They need not be tall; I'm just 5'3". But they do need to be taller than me," says Jen, 35.

"Seeing as I'm only 5'2"... any shorter than me is a bit much. Though for some reason I always find myself preferring taller guys!" says Steph, 23.

"Must be my dads height or taller. I know that's weird but there it is," says Michelle, 31.

Taller, Shorter… It's All Good
"Don't care at all. I've dated shorter and taller." Says Liz, 27 (who's 5'5".)

"I'm 5'10 and I don't care. Some dudes, though, seem to care an awful lot. I let that be part of my selection process, though — if you're insecure about your height, whatever it is, to the point that you need to make fun of, belittle or get weird about mine, then we're not going to work well together and you will never be my boyfriend. The end," says Alle, 29.

Basically, gentlemen, don't ever let your height stand in the way of possible happiness. Just because some woman is four inches taller than you even before she puts on her heels, don't let it dissuade you.

Look at Tina Fey and her husband, Jeff Richmond! She's the one rocking all the height in that relationship, and they look great together!

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