It's Science: 76% Of Women Want This Over Sex

It's Science: 76% Of Women Want This Over Sex

Earlier this year a study found that 42 percent of seniors at Columbia would willing give up oral sex for cheese. The results of this study were, for some, mind-boggling. True lovers of oral sex will attest to the fact that cunnilingus, when done correctly, is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. However, I'm thinking these people have just never indulged in a proper stinky cheese from France, the kind that isn't pasteurized and dances on your taste buds like a dream; a dream I tell you!

Still, although considered a high percentage to some, 42 percent is in the minority, and didn't seem to prove that there would be a global cheese shortage in the near future. So, the world moved on, people ate cheese, had oral sex, or both, and the earth continued to turn. Then came a survey that made the Columbia students look like hedonists.

When a group of 500 women were recently polled about their preferences for "me time" versus "sexy times," it was the former that won, and won with flying colors. A whopping 76 percent of women, a pretty large majority, would rather be left alone to do their own thing than have sex. But seriously, is any woman out there even remotely surprised by this?

Of those 500 women, 42 percent said that their daily "me time" is less than hour. How is one supposed to properly veg on the couch watching reruns of Law & Order and snacking on Bugles in that tiny amount of time? They can't! And obviously, that type of loungey behavior is far more important to the sanity of human beings everywhere than going through the whole process of getting naked, throwing out some moans, probably getting a bit sweaty, and all that sex-related stuff. Sex versus your favorite food and the TV clicker? You do the math.

Sex is definitely a fun way to spend your downtime, but honestly, if you're not well rested and haven't stretched out like a broccoli on the couch for a few hours, you're really not up to par. When it comes to sex, you want to bring your A game, but you can't do that if you haven't indulged in you and all your "me time" activities.

It's science. Really. Just ask Liz Lemon. You think she'd give up sleeping, eating donuts and doing her own thing for sex? Absolutely not.

Do you choose downtime over getting it on? Tell us in the comments below.

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