This Man's Note About His Late Wife Made The Whole Restaurant Cry

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This Man's Note About His Late Wife Made The Whole Restaurant Cry

When a man walked into an eatery, unassumingly, and ordered a soda, the waitstaff at the restaurant couldn't help but notice that he was looking rather solemn.

And then they read the touching napkin note he left behind that reaffirms our belief that love stories never end — even after death.




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This is what one Reddit user, graciefails, experienced first-hand working at the restaurant:




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"A guy came into my restaurant alone and sat at a table and only ordered a coke.

He looked sad so we thought something weird was going on. However, after he left, we found this note on a napkin with about $3 in change on the table.

We all teared up after we read this."

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We can all only hope to find a love as enduring as theirs.

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