No-Shave November: Interviews With Men In Mustaches, Part 1

no-shave november, movember

Movember is about more than just facial hair. Meet three guys who are going razor-free for a cause.

Meet our first three bearded/mustachioed gentlemen! Chuck, Kevin and Colin are all growing out their facial hair for a good cause. For those of you not familiar with Movember (aka No-Shave November), men go shave-free for the month of November and raise money for different men's health charities. These are everyday fellas; our husbands, boyfriends, brothers and friends. 

The Movember organization describes their vision as wanting "to have an everlasting impact on men's health." This is a very admirable goal, so let's give a hand to the men profiled here today! And remember, it's never too late to get involved and donate!

Name: Kevin Parks
Hometown: New York, NY
Charity of Choice: Tuesday's Children
What made you decide to take part in Movember? I admire the movement and love the camaraderie component.
Why did you pick Tuesday's Children? I've been involved with Tuesday's Children for more than four years. It is a charity that has done so much for me personally throughout the years, and more recently has given me a fair amount of discretion to pursue offbeat fundraising opportunities.
Do you have a significant other? Nope!
Think you'll keep the 'stache once Movember is over? I actually don't mind how it looks at all. Also, it's for a good cause. Unfortunately my love for eating burritos and Indian food will supersede my love for facial hair; those conflicting aspects of my personality are not compatible.
Name: Colin T McDonald
Age: 30
Hometown: Upstate, New York
Charity of Choice: Charities that fund cancer research.
What made you decide to take part in Movember? It's a wonderful movement that ultimately saves lives while raising funds to help those who are currently suffering. It's also a way to honor my uncle Jack McDonald who suffered and passed away several years ago from brain cancer.
Why did you pick cancer research? Almost everyone has been affected by this disease some way or another. We need to continue to raise funds for these research labs in hopes to one day find a cure.
Do you have a significant other? No, I'm currently single.
What do others think of the facial hair? I've gotten a lot of positive comments from those close to me liking the new look.
Think you'll keep the 'stache once Movember is over? Through the holidays, yes!
Name: Chuck Thomas
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Charity of Choice: My team,Kickin' Stache, didn't select a specific charity.
What made you decide to take part in Movember? I did it last year somewhat last minute and begrudgingly, but I was excited to do it again this year. It's an easy way to help people out and a lot of fun to try and beat your team members. I also donate my hair to Locks of Love so I guess I have a thing about using my head for charity.
Do you have a significant other? Yes, [my] wife
What does she think of the facial hair? My wife hates Movember since you have to start off clean shaven November 1st. I usually have a face full of hair the rest of the year and she isn't happy when it's gone.
Think you'll keep the 'stache once Movember is over? Yep, as well as bring back my beard. Shaving is fun for November but it gets tiresome!