Love Bytes: This Tragic Love Story Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

This Tragic Love Story Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Ian and Larissa Murphy were college sweethearts who faced a tragic twist to their love story. Ten months into their relationship, Ian was in a horrific car accident that left him partially brain damaged. But that didn’t stop them from dating and eventually, getting married. The photos will bring tears to your eyes! (The Chive)

Lookin' for a little bit of Southern comfort? Maybe it's just where I come from, but country music just has a way of making your heart ache for home. Here's some of the best relationship advice as told by our favorite country hits. (Glo MSN)

9 drunkest countries in the world. There's nothing wrong with a martini on date night, right? Date night drinking doesn't seem like a big deal here in the states, so how do other countries stack up? (Guyism)

At one point in most relationships, you wonder: am I being needy? This guy says yes, you are. (A New Mode)

Get a sexy glow for date night with pore strips! The only question is, do you DIY-it or buy the drug store kind? (xoVain)

So you were dating this guy. Then he loses his job and pushes you away. So does it have anything to do with you? This fella says that job loss and a sudden disinterest in love correlate more than you think. (A New Mode)

How to laugh your way through a bad date. (Winning Wit)

Would you take an over-the-counter STD test? (The Daily Beast)

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger get hitched, and suddenly, they think they're experts on relationships. But they're giving out the worst love advice ever. (The Gloss)

A new study suggests that this is the number one cause of early onset puberty young girls. (Does anyone else feel like we’re back in middle school?) (Blisstree)

Wait, does Terry Richardson's photography exploit women? This model who once worked with him says he's definitely a creep. (The Gloss)  

Let's talk condoms, shall we? (The Stir)

Thanksgiving and the holidays are around the corner, so 'tis the season for awkward family photos, right? (BroMyGod)

Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio. What do these ladies all have in common? Besides being drop-dead gorgeous? They're all partaking in No-Shave November ... sort of. (BroMyGod)

There's nothing wrong with smelling like you, but just in case you're curious ... (Gurl)

50 most disappointing movie sequels ever. Did anyone else think that Grease 2 was a huge let-down? Part of the reason we loved the original was the love story between Danny and Sandy, and neither of them are even in it! Here are some other sequels we probably could have lived without. (Guyism)

Hot celebrity hunks and cute babies? Ladies, hold on to your ovaries. (Ranker)

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