Calorie Burner? Sex Is Better Than A Walk, But Not A Jog

Calorie Burner? Sex Is Better Than A Walk, But Not A Jog

Get ready to hear an angelic "Hallelujah!" as you read this breaking news. Are you ready? I'm serious. Are you ready for something that may make you sex life even more exciting than it already is? When it comes to calories burned, sex is far better than a walk. Do you hear the aforementioned "Hallelujah?" I do.

A new study has fulfilled the dreams of lazy people everywhere when it found that sex, which we already knew is awesome for you, when performed at a "moderately vigorous" rate, "can burn 4.2 calories a minute for men and 3.1 calories for women."

If we do a little math and take into consideration that, quickies aside, a proper romp can take about an hour, that's 186 calories burned for ladies and for the 252 for the fellas. You know what that means? You can eat a 4-piece Chicken McNugget (170 calories), then have sex, and it's like you never ate those McNuggets. Up the amount of times you have sex a day, and you can up your Chicken McNugget consumption to the 20-piece box.

Studies really do brighten the day sometimes, don't they? But despite the findings in this new study, one published earlier in the year found different results that debunk my Chicken McNugget theory. The study by the University of Alabama at Birmingham found that sex only burns "21 calories on average," with sex lasting "only six minutes on average."

While the amount burned per minute is roughly the same, this particular study is fairly depressing in figuring that most "sexercise" sessions are so small. At least the more recent study put the average romp at 25 minutes; that's at least somewhat fair.

No matter which study you go with the fact remains that sex does burn calories and, I'm sure you'll agree, is far more fun than any other form of exercise (but let's be honesst, prancercise isn't too far behind).

It may not burn the amount of calories you would in a 10-mile run, but if you do it a lot and vigorously, you may get close… someday.

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