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5 Guys We Think Would Make Great Husbands For Britney Spears

Celebrity Matchmaker: Guys Britney Spears Would Love To Marry

Britney Spears is ready to start the next chapter of her life and she's not mincing words about it. Not only will she be settled in Las Vegas for the next two years performing at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood, but she also recently told a German media outlet that she wants to get married again and have more children — maybe even twins!

Admittedly, she hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to love. She's had her fair share of awkward bumps in the road from getting hitched to a childhood friend in Vegas (which she thankfully annulled 55 hours later), to her broken engagement to Jason Trawick.

And, oh, one other name comes to mind: K-Fed. Remember that guy, Brit?


(It's okay, we forgive you.) And while we know that she's currently dating David Lucado, how cute would she be coupled up with these Hollywood hunks? And how would she like these potential matches?

1. Jason Segel

The funny guy played family man on the regular while he was dating Michelle Williams, and it's obvious he's got what it takes to be a father figure and doting dad to Britney's boys, Preston and Jayden.

So what do you think, Britney?


2. Jake Gyllenhaal

On the fence, Britney? Okay, what about Jake Gyllenhaal? He's said in many an interview how much he loves his nieces and he's an active part of the girls' lives. Could there be any better practice for fatherhood? Plus his history with Taylor Swift makes it clear he likes blondes. And singers. 

I think we're getting closer to your type, Brit!


3. James Marsden


But still not sure? Then let us introduce you to James Marsden. Having recently gone through a divorce, James is himself a single parent, and certainly knows how to juggle a career and fatherhood. How cute would this little blended family be? 

You seem into it! (We told you he's cute!)


4. Bret Michaels

We want to give Britney the benefit of the doubt, but she has had some stuggles in the past and who better to date than someone older and wiser — and a music industry vet to boot? We know Bret would understand the demands of her career and since he's put his partying ways behind him, he'd probably be happy to sit at home and watch the boys (along with his two daughters) while she's on stage.

No? A little too much rock 'n roll?


5. Chris Evans

Okay, we get it, Britney. You want someone handsome, stable and real life superhero? Meet your dream guy: Chris Evans. Not only does he portray a superhero on the big screen (which would undoubtedly earn him major cool points with the singer's boys) but he's also an all around good guy who could likely offer the exact stability that she's been craving.

The verdict?