5 Facts About Robert Pattinson's New Girlfriend, Dylan Penn!

Love: Who Is Robert Pattinson's New Love, Dylan Penn?

Reports of Robert Pattinson dating personal trainer Sydney Liebes aren't true ... but he does have a new girlfriend! Who is she? It's Dylan Penn!

Here's what you need to know about Pattinson's new love—for real this time!

"They've been dating a month or two," a Pattinson pal confirmed to People. "He's crazy about her."

1. She's got a Hollywood pedigree.
Dylan Penn is the daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn. Thankfully, she inherited most of her looks from her mom. Isn't she a spitting image of Princess Buttercup herself? (Here's hoping she didn't inherit her dad's temper!)

2. Dylan Penn is a model.
Obviously, just look at her! The 22-year-old buxom beauty boasts measurements of 34", 26" and 36" and is repped by DT Model Management.

3. She and Robert Pattinson dig hip-hop.
The couple recently got cozy at the Viper Room in Los Angeles at a Mickey Avalon concert ... and his lyrics and live shows explore the seedier, more sinful side of life in the City of Angels. Sounds like a sexy night!

4. She may have cost her mom a job ... before she was even born!
Robin Wright (then Robin Wright Penn) was going to star as Maid Marian in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, but had to pass on the role because she was pregnant with Dylan.

5. Friends say she and R-Pattz are a perfect match.
Pattinson loves his work but hates the spotlight ... just like Penn's parents, who work hard and get award noms constantly, but tend to avoid paparazzi and press. Pals point out that the pair can likely weather media scrutiny better than he and Kristen Stewart did, because Penn herself isn't a huge name ... yet!


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Photo: DT Model Management