5 Aphrodisiac Cocktails That Will Get You In The Mood To...Read?!

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Aphrodisiac Cocktails

"Get rowdy" with these five book-themed drinks.

In the spirit of bestselling author Lori Foster's new release, "Getting Rowdy,"  set in handsome Rowdy Yates’ neighborhood bar, we’ve stirred up five seductive spirits sure to get you in the mood ... to read, that is!

In this what we're calling a "thromance" (thriller-romance) book, the third in Lori's "Love Undercover" series, elusive and beautiful bartender Avery Mullins tries to hide a dark, dangerous secret as well as her feelings for the charismatic bar owner. But, Rowdy isn't used to not getting what (and who) he wants, even when it means confronting the ghosts of both his and Avery's pasts.

So curl up with a copy of “Getting Rowdy” and try your hand at mixing these up. Plus, author Lori Foster is giving away signed copies of "Getting Rowdy" to 10 YT readers. To enter, answer in the comments below: Do you believe you can meet true love at a bar? 

This contest is now closed. Thank you to all who participated!

1. "Avery's Secret" 

Like the secret Avery tries to keep from Rowdy, this complex drink combines subtle hints of Avery’s pampered past, with bolder, darker elements that bubble up when Avery least expects them. There’s also a secret aphrodisiac to this drink: pomegranates, with their high antioxidant content, are believed to allow more blood to circulate through blood vessels increasing sensitivity to "key" body parts!

Pomegranate Juice
½ oz. PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
Dry Champagne, well chilled
St. Germaine Elderflower Liqueur
Sugar Cubes

Sprig of fresh mint, rosemary or other seasonal herb

In a fluted champagne glass, drop 2-3 sugar cubes that have been briefly soaked in Pomegranate Juice.  Build drink by adding PAMA Liqueur, filling with Champagne and then adding a few drops of St. Germaine, in that order.  Stir gently. Garnish with a fresh mint (or other seasonal) sprig.

2. “All Mixed Up" 

As delicious and unlikely a mix as Avery and Rowdy: you might never imagine that these elements could attract and complement each other so powerfully! And the aphrodisiac power of basil (which is said to boost sex drive and increase fertility) packs a provocative punch. 

3 fresh basil leaves (retain on for garnish) plus 1/2 tsp sugar

½ oz.Vodka
½ oz. Gin
½ oz. light Rum
½ oz. light Tequila
½ oz. Triple Sec
2 oz. sweet & sour
Pineapple Juice to fill.
Maraschino (or fresh) cherry

Muddle 2 basil leaves and sugar in the bottom of a tall, 8-10 oz. glass. Add ice. Mix the next 6 ingredients listed in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake well. Strain into glass. Fill with pineapple juice. Garnish with a pineapple segment and cherry “flag."

3. "The Alpha Male"

This drink describes Rowdy to a “T”.  While most guys can get by on beer alone, the “alpha male” needs to fill himself up with a shot of something more.  Rowdy’s past makes him work harder, play harder, and care more than the average male, and that part of his character (along with his sexy, good looks) is what draws Avery in like a magnet.

1 12 oz. bottle of Ale (India Pale Ale is ideal, but any full bodied lager beer should work.)
1 oz. Rye Whiskey

Pour beer into chilled beer mug.  Add rye.  Exude confidence.  Enjoy. Keep reading...

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