7 Romantic Dates You Must Try This Fall

Date Night Ideas: 7 Dates You Must Try This Fall

Autumn is arguably the best time of the year: crisp cool air, fall fashion, changing colors and Halloween make for a wonderfully fulfilled season.

So, what are couples to do in favor of this new time of year? Here are a few fun ideas

Apple Picking
Have a breath of fresh air together while simultaneously picking delicious fruit. You can not only have a great time in the orchards, you can also make pies and tarts together using your bounty later on.
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Town fairs
Fried food, fun rides and nearly-impossible carnival games? Fairs are a great place to bring your significant other. Riding the ferris wheel together is always romantic, and sharing a kiss under the pretty lights makes for a sweet picture. You two can make lots of fun memories together all day long. Bonus: If you have kids, you can bring ‘em with you two and make a cool day of it altogether!
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Haunted Hayride
I personally love being scared, so I think October is my favorite month ever. Instead of just going on a hayride, make it a scary one filled with ghosts and gasps. You two can snuggle up in your collective fear of the frights ahead.
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A Long Drive
One of the best things about autumn: the colors. Take a long drive through the countryside with the windows unrolled to breathe in that crisp, sweet air together. You two can chat, enjoy the scenery and hold hands the whole time, perhaps on your way to ...
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... Rent A Cabin!
Who doesn't love a gorgeous getaway with their favorite person? Weekend trips aren't just for summer. This is a wonderful way to change up your routine.
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Poetic Picnic
Whether you're a fan of Saul Williams, Anne Sexton or John Keats, reading a bit of poetry to one another is a romantic, relaxing idea (and not nearly as pretentious as it sounds, I promise). Grab a picnic basket, a blanket, a couple books and some champagne — voila! A sweet afternoon to remember.
date ideas for fall
Game Day
Even if you're not super interested in football, the games can actually be pretty fun. Make a fun day of it: start with tailgating, catch an awesome game and then go out after to your favorite sports bar.
date ideas for fall