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13 Frighteningly Brilliant Horror-Themed Weddings

13 Frighteningly Brilliant Horror-Themed Weddings

Certain times of year just lends itself to certain kinds of weddings. Easter: pastel. Christmas: winter wonderland. Halloween: scare-fest. Scroll down to find the creepiest of the creepy, the strangest of the strange. Yep, we went deep into horror-wedding land, just for your enjoyment.

A South Texas Horror Con wedding is always a possibility. Nothing like a bloody fight before you say "I do."

That's some bridal party. You too can get married surrounded by this crew, during Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights. There's even a Chainsaw Drill Team to accompany your wedding march.

Does this say "serial killer chic" to anyone else? This bridal party has a "Zombies and Vamps" theme.

Checklist: get up, have a good breakfast, put on beautiful wedding dress, douse self in blood, get married! More than 40 guests dressed up as the undead for this zombie-themed wedding in Windsor, Ontario.

Show your new bride you care with a little…love bite. Apparently, the fangs were a gift from the photographer. Know your clients!

Yep, nothing creepy going on here.

The bride never looked so beautiful as when she was missing half her face.


No reason for the bride to worry…

You know you've gone the extra mile when you've built a coffin for two.

It wouldn't be a properly horrific wedding without a few zombies.

Mass wedding/murder. Whatever.

This is actually not a bad look on the bride.

The couple that eats brains together, stays together. Considered the UK’s first zombie-themed wedding, the nuptials were a prize from the makers of computer game Dead Island Riptide.