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10 Throwback Couples' Costumes Inspired By The 90s

cher and josh

Halloween is almost upon us, which means it's time to start thinking about costumes! And what better choice than to go 90s-retro (yep, the 90s are officially retro). Score nostalgia points with any of these fun, 90s-inspired costumes from TV, film and real life.


Any two Spice Girls
We suggest Ginger (Union Jack dress) and Posh (black mini dress and an everlasting scowl).

Doug and Skeeter, from "Doug"
For Doug, you'll need a green sweater vest, white T-shirt and khaki shorts. For Skeeter, grab a red T-shirt and bright red sweatpants (for extra points, paint yourself aqua!).


Urkel and Laura
The geeky half of this adorable duo will need some jeans held up by suspenders and a wild printed shirt, while Laura can rock just about any awesome 90s ensemble.

Cher and Josh, from "Clueless"
Bring Cher to life with a pleated mini skirt, blazer and that fabulous blonde hair. For Josh, a button-down and jeans will get the job done.

The Men in Black
Black suits and dark sunglasses are all you need! Plus, an intimidating air.

Mulder and Scully
Just throw some long trench coats over a couple of dark suits, and you're good to go.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain
You'll both need some luscious blonde locks. Then a T-shirt and jeans will do for Kurt, while Courtney will need something a bit more tattered and lingerie-esq.

Clarissa and Sam from "Clarissa Explains It All"
Wacky is the keyword here. Clarissa will need printed bike shorts, a button-down top and a man's vest. Sam can go vintage 90s grunge.

Old School Bill and Hillary Clinton
Throw on some dark power suits and Hillary, tease that hair up high!

Daria and Jane, from "Daria"
For Daria, get your hands on a black skirt and combat boots, green jacket and her signature round glasses. For Jane, go with a red blazer over an all-black ensemble, including tights and boots.