Paula Patton On Being Mrs. Thicke: 'Robin Loves Me So Much'

Plus, what does Paula say about working with Tom Cruise again on another 'Mission Impossible'?

Exclusive! Paula Patton On Robin Thicke, Love Scenes & More

Hey, hey, hey! You know you want it ... Paula Patton spilling on her marriage to high school sweetheart Robin Thicke, that is.

"He's just the best," the actress describes her ultra-sexy hubby. "He's always so funny and he makes me laugh all the time."

"You're never luckier in life than when you're true partners in love, life, laughs, parenthood ... and partners in crime," says Patton, who arrived for our interview in a va-va-voom red Dolce & Gabbana form-fitting dress on an early Sunday morning at the Four Seasons Hotel. Here, we discuss her new movie Baggage Claim, finding true love ... and how Robin really feels about her sex scenes. 


YourTango: Many women consider you the luckiest woman alive with a great career, gorgeous baby son and that husband.
Paula Patton:
I am so blessed. I think hard times in life really make you appreciate the love and the good times. I've gone through some hard times, so I appreciate my great blessings every single day.

YourTango: What's the best part of being in love with Robin Thicke?
Paula Patton: He loves me so much and the feeling is mutual. The best is when you love someone deeply and those feelings are equally returned. Also, Robin is really there for me. When times are good or bad or sad or happy or boring, just having somebody by your side to help you through means everything. I know I can count on him standing right next to me always.


YourTango: Tell us about the upcoming Baggage Claim.
Paula Patton: I read the script when I was making Just Wright with Queen Latifah. I laughed out loud. I brought in my husband and my best friend. We sat around my living room and read the entire script out loud. Robin is great about doing that with me. I always wanted to do a romantic comedy. And this is a great romantic comedy about a woman seeking love.

YourTango: What is the key to finding real love?
Paula Patton: I think you really have to love yourself first. Find your own happiness and then go share it with someone else. You can't go looking for someone to give you your happiness. 

YourTango: Finish this sentence. A great guy ...
Paula Patton: A great guy loves you with all of your baggage.

YourTango: Does Robin get upset when he sees you do love scenes?
Paula Patton: I'm not sure he likes to talk about [them]. He will just say, "That was a good role for you."


YourTango: There is also talk of another Mission Impossible.
Paula Patton: As for another Mission Impossible, oh gosh, I hope so. I think there is a lot of talk about it. I would love to work with Tom again, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

YourTango: How is life with your little guy Julian?
Paula Patton: He is getting to be such a big boy. Where did the time go? The minute you have a child, time speeds up. I feel like he just came out. Just like his Dad, he loves to sing. He wants to perform all the time. He wants to be like Daddy. He's such a special kid. Of course, everyone says that about their kid.

YourTango: How do you sum up your life?
Paula Patton: Lucky and blessed. And excited about tomorrow.

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