The Truth Behind Whether Your Child Has ADHD

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Get the full picture before getting a diagnosis.

If we're being honest, it kind of seems like kids are being diagnosed with all sorts of disorders these days. From teachers to doctors (and even other parents), people are so quick to dish out labels for everything. Like if your son can't sit still, he has ADHD. Your daughter isn't listening in school? Oh, she must have behavioral issues. As a parent, this makes it so hard to know when your kid really does have an issue.

That's where the challenge with parenthood comes in. For some reason, it feels like they would rather sign your kid off without doing any necessary testing to make sure that the diagnosis sticks — especially when it comes to ADD/ADHD. Parenting expert Tara Kennedy-Kline definitely understands the frustration with wanting to figure out how to get your child the help he or she needs, which is why she is so honest about the fact that ADD/ADHD can be really hard to diagnosis. Even though knowing the telltale signs doesn't really mean that your child has it, it doesn't hurt knowing. Although it's clear that understanding what's going on is an important step; making sure that your kid knows that you are there for them no matter comes first.