25 Summer Date Night Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

Cheap Date Night Ideas: 25 Dates That Won't Break The Bank

With the last weeks of summer ahead of us, it's important to make the most of the sunshine and warm weather.

If you and your partner have yet to experience all this season has to offer romantically, you're missing out.

It's time to step up and step outside for some fun summer dates, from sightseeing to grabbing snowcones.

Even if you've been in your city for years, even decades, it you can still bust out the disposable cameras and do some tourist-y things together. From wax museums to famous landmarks from history, finding out more about your town as a team can be exciting and fresh.

Grab A Snowcone
Ice cream and froyo are wonderful, but sometimes, you just need something a little less creamy and a little more hydrating. Snag a snowcone with mango or peach juice — and perhaps a bit of tequila — to cool down with this sweet treat.

Have A Dessert Party
For a simple, sweet and cheap date, sample several kinds of desserts together from home. Doing a real sampling like this costs quite a bit, so improvise to fit your budget: rather than grabbing fancy pastries for $5 each at a super well-known bakery, gamble on a smaller, newer place that may have better deals and better treats. Who knows? You might just find your new favorite spot in town together.

Read To Kids
Sounds silly to do as a date, I know, but reading to kids can be a really fun way to bond, volunteer and enjoy the library's air conditioning (okay, that last one is a little selfish but hey, the summer's hot!).

Have A Nostalgic Picnic
Eating outside is always fun, but it's also a little too easy. This time, pick a theme such as "the 90s" and select snacks that remind you of that time period. It's an excuse to wear tie-front crop tops and it's a fun twist on a classic idea that's sure to get your conversation going.

Super classic and perhaps a little cliche, but to me, stargazing is one of the most romantic and calming activities to do with another person. Pick a place far from light pollution, should you live in a city, and put a blanket down so you two can lie down and stare up together. Feel free to look up constellations beforehand so you'll both be able to point out the ones you see, then choose favorites.

Pro Sports Matches
Sure, you might have to watch from some nosebleed seats, but sharing a hot dog, large soda and popcorn while watching a non-championship game of some sort can be a surprisingly inexpensive date night.

Go To An Open Mic
Seeing fresh up-and-comers sing, play and read to an audience can be enthralling, so why not go as a duo and enjoy the experience together? Should either or both of you feel the inclination, you can probably get up on stage eventually and share your talents with the room!

Breakfast In Bed
Who doesn't love to be pampered? On a day that both of you have off, take some time to make breakfast together, then eat it in bed while watching some nostalgic cartoons or a movie you both love.

Beer Festivals
Are both of you total brew snobs (or at least just love to pour yourself a cold glass together while relaxing)? Check out for info on all kinds of beer fests where you can go, sample tons of special varieties and learn more about the brands straight from their makers.

Snag Ice Cream From A Truck
Pretend you two are back in elementary school when chasing after the ice cream man was how you spent your days. Whether you choose a firecracker popsicle or a sherbet Spiderman with gumball eyes, you two can enjoy feeling like kids again.

Play Frisbee
Find a park nearby and toss a frisbee around. It's a great way to get some Vitamin D, stay active and have a nice time playing around in the sun.

Take An Art Class
Learning to paint or do pottery or draw naked people is always an interesting option when it comes to bettering your life and sharpening your creative senses, but doing it together? Even more fun, because you can help one another and get to spend time as a team.

Go Swimming
Who doesn't love taking a dip when it's crazy hot outside? Find a local public pool, grab your cutest swimsuit and cool off together. You can even wake up early and have a morning swim if you want to miss the rush!

Shoot Some Hoops
Even if you're both awful at basketball, shooting some baskets together is strangely fun, provided neither of you are particularly competitive. It’s a healthy kind of date that won't break your budget, making it perfect for couples who want to get active without signing up for expensive gyms together.

Street Fairs
In many cities and towns throughout the summer, there are street fairs full of interesting people, unique products and various types of cuisine you might never have tried otherwise.

Teach Each Other Skills
Do you know how to drive manual transmission? Does he or she know how to do origami extremely well? Teaching one another how to do a particular skill you've never known how to do can be really fun and super useful later on.

Go Biking
Taking a fun bike ride together through parks, the city streets or even downhill (as long as you're really good at it, of course) can be a wonderful way to get to know your city together on the cheap.

Go To An All-Night Film Fest
Pick a theme, such as "zombies" or "cult favorites," and find a movie festival that fits into it. Grab some snacks, take your seats and hold hands while you watch your new favorite films together (or, at the very least, your new favorite films to make fun of).

Dollar Store Grab Bags
Take $10, go in a dollar store and go wild. The only catch? You've gotta buy stuff for each other. When you leave, sit down on a bench and share your presents!

Go Dancing
Ever learn to salsa? You can either go out and wing it, should you be braver than I, or take a class and then go out. Many classes' fees include entry to a club later so you two can show off your newfound skills!

Groom Together
This may sound super silly, but doing some beauty-related processes together can be really fun. A cooling face mask that you apply together can be really relaxing in the summer, or perhaps trading 15-minute warm oil massages on your back or tired feet could help you both calm down after a long summer work week.

Make Crafts
Are both of you serious DIY-enthusiasts? If so, grab some supplies and set it work on a new project together. If you two live together, this can be even more useful and entertaining since you'll both be able to enjoy the results. Plus, it'll be a sentimental piece of craftsmanship you'll always treasure.

See A Show In The Park
Local parks have all kinds of shows during the summer. Whether you're into theater, music or poetry, you're sure to find something that both of you will be able to sit back and watch together.

I saved this for last because it is my absolute favorite thing to do in the summer as a romantic date night. Playing carnival games, eating fried food and, of course, sharing a kiss while riding the ferris wheel together? It's just about the most lovely date idea I can think of.