8 Grossest Things Animals Do For Love

8 Grossest Things Animals Do For Love

It can get pretty bad.

Humans do some weird things for love, but monkeys, fish and giraffes have us beat by a long shot. Prepare yourself to be thoroughly repulsed out by the nastiest things animals do for their mates.

Capuchin monkeys use urine like cologne, splashing it on liberally to attract a mate. And you thought Axe smelled bad?


The male White-Fronted Parrot will vomit into the female’s mouth as a part of their mating ritual. I’ll stick to first base, thank you very much.

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Queen Bees have it rough. Assuming they make it to adulthood, they go on a mating flight (their version of The Bachelorette, if you will), chased by multiple male drones who are all trying to impregnate her at once. The “winner” gets the privilege of having his DNA live on…and an exploded penis for his troubles, followed by death.


Giraffes will perform what is known at the Fleshmen Sequence, wherein the male will use his head to nudge the female’s backside to induce urination. If he likes what he tastes (yes, tastes), the male will begin to court the female. What is it with animals and urine?

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