7 Images Of Selfless Love That Will Shake You To Your Core

7 Images of Selfless Love That Will Shake You To Your Core

Love comes in many forms. It can comes from a dear friends, classmates and family members. And sometimes we don’t even know the person bestowing a random act of kindness upon us. But the most important thing is that these selfless acts happen in the world every day, even during tragedies.

See the powerful images below of some of our favorite everyday heroes.

John Unger found that resting in the cool waters of Lake Superior was the only way to lull his arthritic dog to sleep, so he would take a dip with Schoep every day.


Fireman Jimmy Plourde's selfless rescue of Victoria McGrath became an iconic image of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Michael Patterson didn’t hesitate to save four-year-old Javea Jones when she was drowning in a Georgia creek. Unfortunately, he suffered a spinal injury as a result of his heroics, and was paralyzed from the shoulders down.

NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo became famous nationwide when he bought a pair of boots and thermal socks for a homeless man who had neither.

Four-year-old Sydney Myers-Schoonover cut off twelve inches of her own hair to provide wigs for sick children.

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Thirteen-year-old Rasmus Sayre gave up his shot of winning a world-class surfing competition to come to the aid of stranded competitor Nicole Level in Cozumel.

In 2012, nearly 650 Texas A&M students showed up at the funeral for fellow alum Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale, who was killed for protecting the rights of LGBT Americans. After the Westboro Baptist Church threatened to protest during the funeral, the students formed a human wall in their classmate's honor. When word got out that the students and alumni would be present, the WBC never showed.