7 Guy-Approved First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas: 7 Dates Approved By Guys

As somebody who is ridiculously indecisive when it comes to choosing activities for dates, I love hearing people's perspectives on what will be fun, exciting and a big change from the typical, standalone coffee or drinks date.

I polled some guys on what kinds of first dates they actually enjoy so we could relay those back to you. And it turns out, they love when you plan the get-together. Jake from New York City told us, "The best first dates I've been on are those where the girl has a cool plan. If the girl has a plan and can quarterback the date a bit, I feel more confident about being able to focus on her than getting every little detail right.

If you're stuck in a date inspiration rut, check out these picks that have the stamp of approval from guys.

1. Hiking

Sick of dinner and a flick? So is everyone else, it seems. In fact, Jonathan, from California, says, "I'll have to say NOT a movie. I'd like to be able to actually communicate with the woman." Finding a place to go where you two can get to know one another is key — for example, Matt recommended going out into the wilderness for a little hike in order to better communicate with one another, not to mention get some fresh air and sunshine.


2. Exploring Together

"I like a girl who's up for an adventure to somewhere hidden or secret. ie exploring an abandoned zoo or hiking on a secret trail," says Jeremy from LA. "I feel like you can learn a lot about a person by what type of hidden place they reveal and take you to." Having a new experience together is not only leaps and bounds more fun than regular ol' coffee, it's also a way to bond quickly.


3. Throwback Activities

Remember the last time you went skating hand-in-hand with somebody? "Ice skating rinks are cool, especially if neither of you have been recently," says Mike, from Portland, OR. For a summer twist on this idea, perhaps go to the beach together and rollerblade down the boardwalk together instead. 


4. Sharing City Secrets

If you know a place in the city you two live in that's unknown to most, taking your date there is an intriguing way to venture out together. "Showing me their favorite dive bar that only a few locals know about" is ideal for Jeremy. "For example, I have a bar around the corner from me that doesn't have a sign and is merely a row of chairs at a counter where two bartenders expertly create amazing drinks for patrons. Because it's a little out of the way, it's rarely crowded but has an excellently quiet, romantic ambiance." New to your town or don't have a spot in mind? Go local in your area. "I find that going to local fests and gatherings work great," says Mike. Try looking in hometown section of your city's newspaper for beer fests, wine tastings, pop-up restaurants and the like.


5. Go Golfing

Several guys mentioned how much fun they had golfing with their first date. But don't worry, neither of you have to be pros. Jon of New York City explains, "One of the better first dates I've been on was golfing. It was a good chance for us to talk and poke fun of had bad we were, which showed her good sense of humor." Visiting the driving range is Andrew's favorite date spot too. "You can see her true colors and if she's down to try something new, he explains.


6. Dinner And A Movie — With A Twist

"Never underestimate the tried and true 'dinner and a movie,''" says respondent James. But how do you improve on that traditional ideal? Add a bit of excitement in! Instead of going to see a film at a giant megaplex, opt instead for a historically significant theater that can spark some conversation between you two, or perhaps a special event like a horror film festival.

7. Going For A Walk

Simple? Yes, but more than one guy I asked said this was an excellent first date. Bobby, who lives in Nanjing, China, had this to say: "I think that the walking date is a solid first date because of a certain Seinfeld episode in which Elaine said that they're great, as you don't have to pay too much attention to the person while you're walking." Plus, depending on where you decide to walk, you may wind up with the opportunity for any of the other items on this list.

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