How Do I Break Out Of Bad Relationship Patterns?

Five of our experts reveal how to avoid heartbreak (again and again).

man talking to bored woman

When we fall in love, we oftentimes have a hard time being objective about our own relationships — and that's when we can fall back into old patterns. For a lot of women, these patterns aren't working for them. So how can you break out of them?


In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman turns to relationship experts and YourTango experts Charles Orlando, Sherri Nickols, Sheila Paxton and Barbara Schiffman.

"I call it having 'a broken picker' because a lot of times, I find that clients will go out and pick the same kind of person." says Paxton, "So what I ask people to do is to really sit back and take a look back at earlier patterns. I think you have to look at early relationship patterns."

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