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Weird News: On Tour In A Sex Doll Factory

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Whether it's meeting our heroes or seeing how the sausage is made, the world really has a way of dashing our hopes with a peek behind the curtain. Good news, gang, a sex doll factor tour TOTALLY lives up to, and some may say exceeds, any and all expectations.

The Daily Mail had some artistic time on its hands and did a great write-up on a photo project by a guy named Zachary Canepari. Mr. Canepari, possibly a fan of Lars And The Real Girl (like anyone who as ever seen it), decided he wanted to see how a bill becomes a law or rather how a hunk of silicone becomes a $7,000 "companion."

The factory, near San Diego, CA, is the home of Abyss Creations. Abyss Creations (which seems like a VERY judge-y name for a company making sex stuff) has an awesomely talented designer in a guy named Matt McMullen. McMullen began designing what he thought was more realistic mannequins and ended up with anatomically correct artificial friends. These friends have become a hit with lonely fellas everywhere despite a bit of a Dr. Frankenstein "what have I done?" factor.

Personally, I'm loath to judge a guy for buying one of these things. For the same price as approximately one date a week for a year, a man (or woman into women or with a great sense of humor) can own an artistically rendered ideal lady-esque plaything (with the requisite three holes). Don't get me wrong, if I showed up at a friend's house and was relatively sure that he was mentally "well," I'd probably give him a very hard time about purchasing one of these suckers.

Please, please click through the Daily Mail link and watch the video. It's a wonderful and macabre glance at a niche industry. It's more way more isle of broken toys than creepy wax museum. Enjoy.

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