Your Favorite '90s Couples: Where Would They Be Today?

We go a little fan fiction on our favorite couples from the '90s.

Your Favorite '90s Couples: Would They Be In Love Today?

Zack and Kelly. Cory and Topanga. Ross and Rachel. These are just a few of the most unforgettable couples of the '90s—and all time! If you say you never once fantasized or daydreamed that one day your love life would be as complicated, thrilling and passionate as these characters' romances, well, you're, like, totally full of it.

We followed these eight fictional couples through the trials and tribulations of finally reaching that happily ever after. And while we're content that their relationships were packaged ever so neatly with a beautiful bow on top, we wonder—what happens after the happy ending? Do these couples continue to sail off into the sunset for the rest of their lives?


Honestly? No, they don't. Life just wouldn't be any fun if it was that easy!

Full House’s Uncle Jesse & Aunt Becky
These lovebirds have been dealing with empty nest syndrome since Nicky and Alex left for college about four years ago—yes, the family eventually moved out of Casa Tanner—but that's about to end. The twin boys just graduated with their bachelor degrees but are moving back home while they job search. Nicky pursued journalism, just like Becky, and Alex studied musical engineering with hopes to use his dad's connections to get his foot into the music industry door. Jesse and Becky still live in San Francisco, although Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets made it pretty big and have been touring regularly for the last 20 years.


Boy Meets World’s Cory & Topanga
Living life in Philly are the Lawrence-Matthews (yup, Topanga did make Cory take her last name, too). Cory's working as a high school teacher, and Topanga did finally make her Yale dreams come true. Yale Law School, of course! She's partner at a law firm and teaches political science at her alma mater Pennbrook. They have two kids, one boy and one girl. (We'll see how right we are when Girl Meets World airs on the Disney Channel next year!)

My So-Called Life’s Angela & Jordan
We imagine this photo to be a real-life reunion of Angela and Jordan, rather than a reunion of their real-life counterparts Claire Danes and Jared Leto as photographed at 2010's Elle Fashion Awards in London. These days, Angela is guilty of a little Jordan Catalano Facebook stalking. She follows his band on every social media network, though she'd never be caught dead at the band's shows. Jordan also works part-time as a bartender (gotta pay those bills somehow!), and he lives with three male roommates. Angela lives the NYC life, where she runs an art gallery and dates a stuffy Wall Street suit. They live in the penthouse apartment of an Upper West Side highrise looking over Central Park. When she's FB-stalking, she whistfully thinks about what could have been but deep down knows she dodged a bullet, having dumped Jordan before she left for college.

Friends’ Ross & Rachel
Little Emma Geller-Green's parents have been drama-free—but not married—since '04! (Didn't Ross have enough of those?) What's the secret to their success after such a tumultuous beginning? Weekly counseling sessions. And maybe a couple more kiddos—Emma is now big sis to William, 8, and Samuel, 6. And little Benjamin isn't so little anymore—this one's finishing up college right now. The Geller-Greens are now residents of Greenwich, CT, where Ross runs a kiddie science camp. Rachel commutes into NYC for her job running her self-titled fashion PR firm.

Clueless’ Cher & Josh
The most gorgeous couple in Beverly Hills is adored by all. Having never left the hometown she knows and loves, Cher runs her own fashion styling empire (who do you think you are, Rachel Zoe?!), where she boasts the most jaw-dropping lists of powerful A-List clients (i.e. Angelina and Jen don't just have Brad in common anymore). And Josh, sticking to his moral guns, is an environmental lawyer, having just made partner at the firm. No water bottles around this guy! Cher and Dionne are still BFFs, natch. D married Murray, and the two couples are next door neighbors. Five years ago, Cher and Dionne planned their pregnancies at the same time, which resulted in a little girl for Cher and Josh and a little boy for Dionne and Murray. They expect their wee ones to tie the knot in a couple decades.


The X Files’ Mulder & Scully
Would they or wouldn't they? That was the question. Thank extraterrestrials that the answer was they would! And they have continued to do so for the past 10 years. Since then, they've saved the world more than once. And surprisingly, they went conventional on us and tied the knot soon after they went all the way. When you know, you know. They have five kids (three girls and twin boys). And Mulder doesn't take any assignment if he can't bring his family. The whole gang goes on regular adventures solving cases and studying the paranormal.

Saved by the Bell’s Zack & Kelly
These childhood sweethearts got hitched in a fabulous made-for-TV special, er, Las Vegas wedding. So after tying the knot (without the approval of their parents), Zack and Kelly got back in with their 'rents after finishing their bachelor degrees. Kelly received her teaching credentials and has worked as a kindergarten teacher for more than 10 years. And Zack brings home the bacon working in marketing—obviously with his charisma, he could do anything! Bayside's favorite couple is approaching their 20th wedding anniversary (gifts are either platinum or china!), and their two kids (one boy and one girl) are both super popular at their Laguna Beach high school.

Family Matters’ Steve & Laura
After 15 years, Steve is a little less Urkel and a lot more Urquelle (as in Stefan Urquelle). At the end of the show, Laura did choose Steve over his sexy male-model counterpart. And since then, Steve finally hit puberty and became the man-candy Laura deserved. They're now happily married with a Steve, Jr. in elementary school. After graduating from Harvard Law School, Laura became a top defense attorney in Boston, MA. Steve graduated from MIT and Harvard Medical School at the top of his class both times. Now he's a surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, where he also runs groundbreaking clinical trials and changes lives one patient at a time.


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