Love Bytes: How Do You Get Over Your First Love?

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How much does your first love stick with you? Does your first brush with that heart-in-your-mouth feeling change you forever? How do you get over your first? (ANewMode)

Need even more dating advice? Holler at our buddies. (TheGloss)

Sure, some people have died of cuddling withdrawal but here are 6 nice things about having your husband out of town. (The Stir)

Are you totally undateable? Find out! (

Is "too nice" code for a guy is a cowardly milquetoast mama's boy crybaby? (TheFrisky)

Flowers? Kind words? Long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days? How do men really show their LOVE? (ANewMode)

Stop making a phone ringing sound with your mouth and pretending it's your sick granny. How to exit a bad date gracefully. (TheDailyBeast)

Dayum. How a widow and widower found solace and how to love again in each other. (Essence)

No, your honor, it was a love seat. Man pleads guilty to sex with a couch. (Huffington Post)

Not safe for work (we should figure out an abbreviation for that): the 15 best sexting auto-correct fails. (DamnYouAutoCorrect)

Evidently, sexting is overrated anyhow. (College Candy)

Is there a classier way to propose to your dude that Twitter, Kristen Bell? No, I didn't think so either. (PopHangover)

On the for realsies, what do real dudes think about a lady doing the proposing? (Em & Lo)

Um, maybe you shouldn't have taken your wedding ring off when you were flirting with the rugged, outdoorsy type in automotive then. Woman writes open letter to the WalMarter who found her lost wedding ring. Kidding, it's a touching story. (Huffington Post)

And these Gifs will prove that you've been definitively and permanently friend-zoned. (Tres Sugar)

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