SEE It: 12 Guys Who Got Stuck With Purse-Holding Duty

Photos: 13 Boyfriends Who Hold Purses

You know when "Will just hold my handbag for one second?" turns into ... well, maybe a little bit longer. Then, oh, I don't know, an hour or three later, your boyfriend is still standing there with your Louis Vuitton slung over his forearm.

Unlike the man purse, murse, (think Alan in The Hangover) your favorite accessory is not being held by choice, exactly. But just like how our BFs and hubbies who so graciously wait at the mall while we get our cardio (shopping) on, this much-appreciated task falls along the lines of unspoken boyfriend duty.

And for this, we thank you, fellas ... with these photos.

1. Yeah, dude, you signed up for this.

2. Hey, why should a snakeskin clutch get in the way of HIS shopping?


3. A classic move — she reaches into the bag to fish out her lipstick but he still has to hold it. Total fakeout. Not off the hook until it's hanging on her shoulder, my friend.


4. By now he's a total pro at this. Rookies, take note.


5. Yup, even on your wedding day.


6. After long periods of purse-carrying, it's normal to wonder how you got to this point in your relationship — and life.


7. Remember, you're not alone in this.

8. One perk? When she's not around, you can trade with your buddies. Just make sure your lady walks away with a nicer (read: more expensive) bag than before. 


9. Maybe if I get her to lower her arm I can slide this bag back on over without her noticing.

10. Wear it proud. Don't worry about what that other guy thinks.

11. Superstar alert! This guy is so good at his job, he gets to hold the coffees and some papers too.


12. Sometimes it just matches your outfit better — and you're cool with that.