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The 19 Saddest Men Waiting For Their Girlfriends At The Mall

man sleeping at mall

We've all been there: You're deep into a productive shopping bender, when you peek out the store window and see your guy sitting on the bench buried in Nordstrom bags, your purse and just about every other boyfriend at the mall that day.

At first you start to feel a little guilty that he's about to pull his hair out, but then you remember, those bags are heavy. Just kidding. But no, really, they were getting in the way of your shopping mission.

As sleep-inducing as it is for him to sit there, bored to death, while you break the bank, there is something sort of sweet about him just being there.

With holiday season in full swing, sending your guy into the trenches is becoming a bit more frequent—and a lot more chaotic. As an ode to the men who wait (and wait) for us, we count down our favorite poor suckers at the mall.

1. Extreme shopping isn't for the faint of heart.

2. Nope, doesn't get easier with age.

3. In fact, these days, they start young.

4. This my friends, is defeat.
ES Sully's Roundtable

5. They may be sitting in silence, but they're in it together.

6. For some, it's the perfect time to contemplate the meaning of life.
1000 Awesome Things

7. Boredom is contagious, just ask the mannequin in the display case.

8. She's not coming back anytime soon, buddy.

9. Eight hours of sleep does a body good — wherever you may be.

10. It's normal to ask yourself "What is my life?" in these situations.

11. So close, yet so far.

12. At least they have one another.

13. Might as well make yourself at home, fellas. It's going to be a long one.

14. Out like a light.

15. He's already called all his contacts. Now, on to the fake call.

16. He's ordering an Uber.
Daily Mail

17. When you have 7 hours to spare, may as well kick back on a comfy chair.

18. Like father, like son.

19. She's never coming back, is she? (No, probably not)