Can Women Really Have It All?

Is it possible for women to have what they want in life? An article published in The Atlantic sparked controversy last summer when writer Annie-Marie Slaughter asserted that no, they can't. She found it impossible to perfectly balance her high-powered job with her home life raising two kids alongside her husband. But does this apply to all of us?

In this video, Senior VP of Experts Melanie Gorman poses this hotly debated question to YourTango Experts Danielle Dowling, Lisa Steadman, Kimberly Seltzer and Laura Campbell.

"I think having it all is an airbrushed and overbearing concept," says Dowling. "There are millions of women thinking they are to blame if they don't rise to the top of the corporate ladder as fast as men, if they don't have the family and if they don't have an active home life."

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