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Hey beauty!

You’re about to slice your conflicts in half by inviting a clear-sighted, compassionate adviser into your life. You’re about to begin a SOUL-journey. You’re about do some work. Your heart is climbing + soaring. Your brain, on the other hand, wants hard facts + credentials.

I’m all over it, woman. Here you go:

1. I am a relationship expert, writer + life coach.

2. I’m for freedom-fighting. I believe delayed joy is needless. Truth liberates + that freedom moves.  I believe we all have a deep desire to be recognized. Seen. And celebrated for what is seen.  So loosen your shackles + show the world who you really are + what you really want.  We will applaud you.

3. My goal is to inspire women to live inspiring (authentic) lives. To help her experience a life better lived and to achieve her dreams, whatever they may be. I help my clients slice through frustration + overwhelm and right into their brilliance +  best life.

4. I will not let you lie to me. Yourself or the world about what you want. If you want it–we’ll get it.  How? We’ll educate your intuition, harness the power of intention, release toxic behaviors + map out a blueprint for the  change you are seeking.

5.  My clients are women leaders who are looking to step
up their game.
They are either already good at what they do
+ what to be better or are stuck + want to get unstuck.

6. I hold a Masters and Doctorate in Psychology.
Translation: I’m unabashedly intellectual, but far from stuffy.

7. I’m a Jersey girl, baby! Born and bred.

8.  I’m A Course in Miracles student.  A Course in Miracles is a complete self-study spiritual thought system that teaches that the way to universal love and peace by undoing guilt through forgiving others, healing our relationships + making them whole.

9. Hang with me on Facebook and Google+ .

10. When I’m not coaching or clicking away on my keyboard you can find me: out in nature–the ocean, blue skies + greenery of Southern California lights me up!  Hanging out with my beautiful boyfriend, drinking a green juice, stretching my way through yoga + laughing it up with close girlfriends!




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