Celebrity Bachelors No One Should Date!

These stars' dating resumes are filled with deal-breakers!

Celebrity Sex: Bachelors No One Should Date

Warning: We have hereby certified these Hollywood A-Listers un-dateable! The celebrity sex symbols broke too many hearts, inspired too many girl-power anthems (we're not complaining about that one!), and kissed-and-told about their conquests one too many times.

For these seven playboys, we tend to follow their relationship drama way more than their career choices. For example, we know George has been dating Stacy Keibler for two years. She's yet to mention that horrid M word that scares him the most—marriage! And because of that, she's hanging on to her man. But do we know his next acting role? Only if we checked IMDB.


When it comes to these 7 playboys, just say no!

George Clooney
Sure, it sounds like a good idea to be George's new arm candy. But those summers at his Lake Como villa get old fast. Well, actually it'll be you who will get old fast. You'll be his new favorite toy for two years—maximum! Then, he'll exchange you for someone younger, hotter and even more unknown. And you? You'll go back to being a Z-list celebrity or not even a celeb at all. Remember Georgie's 2008 girlfriend Sarah Larson? She was a Las Vegas cocktail waitress when GC saved her from waiting tables, and he eventually let her walk the Oscar red carpet with him. But after a year, she was dumped. Where is she now? Back to the cocktail waitress scene in NYC.


Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillippe loves the ladies. And he proves that by always having a girlfriend! Whether he's faithful or not is a different story. First, he meets Reese Witherspoon at her 21st birthday party. Then, seven years later, he meets Abbie Cornish on the set of Stop-Loss. He goes public with their relationship just as his divorce from Reese makes headlines, too. Then, with Abbie, cheating rumors are fueled again, and he's spotted around town with a few more Hollywood starlets. Maybe his next movie should be called Wandering Eye.

John Mayer
Does this really even need an explanation? John Mayer would only be the perfect boyfriend if you're disillusioned enough to think you can change a man, you think you'll enjoy listening to him talk about himself all the time, or if you're totally fine with him kissing-and-telling all the dirty details about your sex life to the press and in his own songs. We'll pass. Thanks. 

Joe Jonas
When he's ready to end things, he either does it via a 27-second phone call or asks his Dadager to do it for him. Not cool, Joe! And has he even taken off the purity ring yet? Dry-humping is only fun for so long—and when you're 16.

Tom Cruise
Exhibit A: Nicole Kidman. Mr. Cruise will have you standing in his shadow because he can't stand to share the limelight.


Exhibit B: Katie Holmes. He'll want to change everything about you—including your hair (Katie chopped it off), your name (Tommy only called her Kate), and even your religion (she was Catholic, then tried out Scientology, now back to Catholicism). Sounds way too stressful to us!

Tommy Lee
Unless you dream of a tatted-up middle-aged rocker leaking your homemade sex tape, or infecting you with Hepatitis C via shared tattoo needles, we think it's best to say, "Not interested!" to Tommy Lee. And yes, Pamela Anderson experienced all of that during her on-and-off relationship with the Mötley Crüe rocker. Not what we'd call a fairy tale romance.

Billy Bob Thornton
Batting 0-for-5 in the marriage department, coming in at age 57, with one Academy Award to his name is Billy Bob Thornton! Billy Bob makes our list for the slimy move of dumping his fiancée Laura Dern for the smokin’ hot Angelina Jolie. Sounds familiar, right? And what a coincidence—Billy Bob met Angie on the set of Pushing Tin. (OK, so we can't totally blame him, but still—a little shady!) However, he's since realized he's not marriage material, and he's been committed to his girlfriend Connie Angland since 2003. (Note: Yes, we are ignoring the deal-breaker that is Billy Bob's soul-patch.)


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