Love Bytes: Is He Using You For Sex?

Plus, 10 great things about second marriages.

devious man

Is he using you for sex? Are you using him for love and comfort? Hm. You gotta admit that "just" is the operative word in the question "does he just want sex?" (ANewMode)

Well, it was once again proved that a decent movie version is unmakeable, the real Gatsby can still teach us a thing or three about dating. (Glo)

Need relationship advice about a guy from a guy? (ANewMode)

You're wrong, everyone can be photogenic. ( 


Speaking of which, it's high time you learn how to do ombre hair and, you know, what it is. (TheGloss)

It sounds like what insensitive men might say but plenty of women, Salma Hayek inclusive, think pregnancy and birth have mutilated their bodies. How do you feel sexy again? (WetPaint)

Sure, they're notoriously unsuccessful but here are 10 things to love about second marriages. (The Stir)

Sometimes your iPhone says what you really mean especially about lady body parts and their level of cleanliness. (DamnYouAutoCorrect)

I don't think most people know how to react when they experience love at first sight. These GIFs will help. (PopHangover)


Caviar and Crystal eventually taste like tapenade and sparkling juice but that's not the hardest part of dating a millionaire. (Divine Caroline)

I guess don't send someone a pic of your dong-dong unless you want her to send it to your mom. Seems fair. (TheDailyBeast)

I guess you could do a choreographed dance down the aisle but if you really want to douche up your wedding, follow these four pieces of advice. (BroBible)

And the truth shall set you free … how telling your guy that you cheated on the last guy might make him a lil gun shy to put a ring on it. (Madame Noire)

Someone's seen Nine ½ Weeks… (College Candy


And if life has you down check out this graffiti … just don't think that your tax money will be going to painting over it instead education. (Huffington Post)

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