Celebrate Flag Day! 7 Healthy Date Night Recipes

patriotic couple

Flag Day is today — just in time for your romantic date night at home with your love.

But besides explosive fireworks and patriotic parades, the star-spangled holiday, which celebrates the adoption of the United States flag, is also an easy excuse for a delicious, patriotic meal.

Here are seven festive recipes to make and share with your significant other.

1. Red, White & Blue Veggie Kabobs
For starters, serve up these colorful red bell pepper, white button mushroom and blue potato kabobs as an appetizer.

2. Fresh Flag Day Salad
Salute to the holiday with this light, yet hearty salad topped with blueberries, strawberries and goat cheese.

3. Red, White & Blue Sangria
What kind of celebration would it be without mixed drinks? This vibrant, fruity recipe is a summer drink perfect for toasting to your love.

4. Patriotic Taco Salad Recipe
Not only is this taco salad a feast for the tastebuds — with colorful veggies, freshly grated cheese and cooked beef, it's a feast for the eyes too!

5. Grilled Chicken with Red & Blue(berry) Salsa
Skip grilled burgers on the barbeque, and enjoy hearty, but healthy (not to mention patriotic) meal instead.

6. Patriotic Parfait
For a light alternative to dessert, dip your spoon into a cup of this layered red, white and blue parfait.

7. Old Glory Dessert
OK, this isn't exactly the healthiest of desserts ... but this starry cookie dough dish topped with fresh berries (to depict red and blue) and layers of cream cheese (the white) is irresistible to any sweet-toothed American.

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