PDA Alert! 10 Animals Giving Sloppy Kisses

animals giving kisses

Dogs aren't the only animals that give kisses. Many creatures great and small, wild and tame can't resist a smooch.

Watch these 10 giraffes, horses and more pucker up.

1. There's an elephant in the room and she wants some sugar.

2. Watch what happens when a camel puckers up.

3. Is this giraffe French? 'Cause he uses a lot of tongue!

4. It was love at first sight for this monkey and cat.

5. Dolphin smooches dog and jumps with excitement...

6. Who kisses on cue? A horse, of course.

7. P.U. This llama needs a breath mint!

8. This cow says, "Moo-ve over here and gimme a kiss!"

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9. Smooching's monkey business for these two.

10. A hedgehog's favorite peck: the air kiss!