'The Great Gatsby's' Carey Mulligan: 10 Facts About Her Love Life

Carey Mulligan's Love Life

Carey Mulligan stars as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, which releases in theaters today. As the legendary muse to Gatsby himself, Mulligan portrays a self-absorbed young flapper, whose romantic decisions create the epic love triangle driving the literary masterpiece.

"She feels like she's living in a movie of her own life. She's constantly on show, performing all the time. Nothing bad can happen in a dream. You can't die in a dream. She's in her own TV show. She's like a Kardashian," Mulligan said in an interview featured in this month's Vogue.

The Wall Street and Drive star might've departed from the norm by playing the lust-worthy, Kardashian-compared Buchanan in Gatsby, but this 27-year-old starlet is no stranger to love on or off-screen ... and has blurred the lines in between: 

  1. In 2010, Hollywood took note of the young actress when she starred alongside Shia LaBeouf in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps—and so did her leading man. The couple took their on-screen romance off for more than a year and a half before stating "irreconcilable differences."
  2. She's been the rebounder, after being spotted with Robert Pattinson's BFF Tom Sturridge within a month of announcing her split with LaBeouf.
  3. She's been the rebounded, on a long list of broken hearts that Jake Gyllenhaal left after breaking up with Reese Witherspoon.
  4. Mulligan doesn't believe in the 3-day text back rule: "My friends at school used to say, 'If a guy texts, you can't text back for three days.' I was always like, 'B******s! Text back.' I'm a practical romantic," she stated in an interview with AskMen.
  5. While a blonde bombshell, Carey dated Eddie Redmayne at the same time he was filming My Week with Marilyn. Coincidence? Or method acting?
  6. On April 21, 2012, Carey Mulligan married English musician Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, her childhood pen pal with whom she lost touch and reconnected with as an adult.
  7. Initially, the beauty kept mum about their engagement, despite a ring on that finger.
  8. Mulligan, who turns 28 on May 28, keeps close relationships with her famous exes. Gyllenhaal was amongst 200 guests who attended her wedding, and was said to be at the first concert when sparks flew between the now Mr. and Mrs. Mumford. Other pals at her rustic farmhouse nuptials in Somerset include Colin Firth and Sienna Miller. 
  9. Love at first sight? Before saying 'I do,' Mumford and Mulligan—who calls herself a "hopeless romantic—dated for a mere five months.
  10. Next up, Mulligan will share the big screen later this year with Justin Timberlake in Inside Llewyn Davis.

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