Carey Mulligan Already Has A New Boyfriend

Carey Mulligan Tom Sturridge

Mulligan is reportedly rebounding with Robert Pattinson's best friend, Tom Sturridge.

Looks like Carey Mulligan isn't wasting much time crying over her breakup with Shia LaBeouf. The actress split with her Wall Street co-star like a second ago, and she's already moved on with a new man. 

So who is Mulligan's new boyfriend? Oh, you know, just Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson's best friend, Tom Sturridge. A fellow Brit and actor, Sturridge has yet to hit it big, (but his role in the upcoming film On the Road with Kristen Stewart may change all of that.) And Mulligan's star is sure rising as well. (Perhaps, that's why things didn't work out with her and LaBeouf, jealousy between their two sky-rocketing careers...?)  

While an Us source is insisting that Tom and Carey are "just pals" and that he's actually dating a British model, according to the Daily Mail, that "British model" is really British actress, Carey Mulligan. In fact, the Mail caught the pair hanging around Hollywood and leaving the Chateau Marmont together the other night. Hey, we say, if it looks like a celebrity romance and sounds like a celebrity romance, it probably is a celebrity romance. And, despite Carey's insistence that the Best Western in Hollywood (where she's been reportedly living since moving out of Shia's house, reports has the "best sweet potato fries" she ever tasted, we're glad that she and Tom classed it up a bit over at Lindsay Lohan's old stomping grounds, the Chateau Marmont, for their date night.

Poor, LaBeouf. Not only has his ex moved on at lighting speed (even by celeb standards), but she's done it with a European with a much better accent (ouch!). Um, yeah. Shia LaBeouf, who? Carey Mulligan & Shia LaBeouf Have Broken Up  

Photo Credit: INF