Love Bytes: 9 Signs That He Is Not Into You At All

woman waiting

Plus is he "the one?"

Sometimes men CAN be complicated. Sometimes they put out signs that maybe they might like you but you're not sure so you don't want to say anything because what if they don't? You'll just be mortified. But if he does, you could fall in love and write his last name with your first name and have a baby with his eyes. Well, here are 9 serious signs that he is not down with your brand. (A New Mode)

That thing you were doing in the shower and then before bed on May 1st, yeah, you were just celebrating day one of Philadelphia's Masturbate-A-Thon. (Huffington Post)

The 25 most amazing places to tonsil hockey your husband. They may be great for boyfriends too but we'll never know. (The Stir)

Hey, this video is to remind you fellas out there that you are gorgeous too. (The Chive)

The billion-donut question: is he "the one?" (A New Mode)

Sometimes, dear friends, it's the husband who's frigid and the wife who's gotsta have it ("it" being sex in this and a number of other instances). (The Daily Beast)

Dear Women Who Are Constantly Complaining: this one's for you. (Essence)

Ladies, put these clothes on your guy if you want other chicks to ogle him and be impressed with how well he's been groomed by you. (The Berry)

And a great letter TO a little girl ABOUT her future husband FROM her dad. (Good Men Project)

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