How To Kiss Your Way To Hotter Foreplay (So Pucker Up!) [VIDEO]

Kissing is more than a fun part of foreplay—it's connecting with one another physically, showing affection and setting the mood for a night of intimacy and romance. In fact, studies have shown that not only do couples who kiss tend to be more physically and emotionally connected, they also naturally have more sex. You're in luck because we have the key on how to kiss your guy in a way that sends sparks everytime.

How's that for good news?

Marriage therapist and YourTango Expert Moushumi Ghose even seconds this notion. If you want to discover the key to conquering the perfect peck, you've got to follow her tips for locking lips. After you learn how to make out, all that's left is to pucker up. Are you ready to spice things up in the bedroom? A key to working on your sex life is to kiss your significant other for two minutes with no agenda involved.

Yes, you heard correctly: That means engage in some super flirty kissing that does not lead to sex. The goal of this is to see how it makes you feel afterwards. Both of you will be surprised by how excited you just from two minutes of making out. Another key is to use an open mouth while kissing. Closed mouth kissing is not excited and it does not connect the two of you. Go further together with more sparks at