Why Men Don't Want To Have Sex With Their Best Friends' Wives


Isn't it every guy's secret sex fantasy to sleep with his best friend's beautiful, yet off-limits wife?

Apparently not. In fact, guys are biologically programmed to follow the rules of man code.

That's according to a newly published study that says men have a natural aversion to the idea of having sex with their best friend’s wife.

Researchers from University of Missouri found that a man's testosterone levels drop when they interact with their friend's significant other. Other studies have shown that men are biologically wired to care for their offspring, since new fathers tend to have lower amounts of testosterone.

"Although men have many chances to pursue a friend's mate, propositions for adultery are relatively rare on a per opportunity basis,” says Mark Flinn, lead researcher of the study and professor of anthropology in the university’s College of Arts and Science. "Men’s testosterone levels generally increase when they are interacting with a potential sexual partner or an enemy's mate. However, our findings suggest that men's minds have evolved to foster a situation where the stable pair bonds of friends are respected."

What does this mean? It means that (despite what you might see on any given episode of Jerry Springer) we as human beings have evolved to a new level of forming alliances. We like to think of ourselves as a highly-evolved faithful species, but when it comes to monogamy, some men (and women) still resort to their baser instincts. But if we go by the findings of this study, wouldn't this mean that a man's baser instinct is to respect another man's relationship? So no excuse anymore, guys. It should be your nature.

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